Find a ‘system’ that works for you

I am the kind of person who gives up easily when something isn’t working well. I know, I know, “That’s laziness!” you’ll say. But thankfully

, my recent diet routine is so easy – SO easy – I can stick to it without much of a struggle. And it WORKS! I am really proud of it!

Morning: A shake. Thanks to my loving husband who spoils me rotten, he prepares a shake for me in the morning with plain yogurt, kale and spinach, frozen berries, banana and water. 

Lunch: Oatmeal. Time to get my fibre of the day. I just keep instant oatmeal in the drawer for convenience. Believe it or not, one serving of oatmeal is enough to get me through the day.

Dinner: This is the best part. Anything you want! I usually get my protein and veggie (mainly protein maybe..) at dinner, because this is the only meal of the day I get to have with my husband. Eat slow, and stop when you feel full. So it is probably a good idea to have small portion but feel free to get more if you are still hungry.

So here it is! My super easy diet routine. If you also have a busy schedule, and are looking for a diet plan, give this a try! 



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