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Ever since my wedding back in the summer, there has been nothing but positive changes in my life. I am so grateful for all of them, and I hope to share more and more of them here with you.

Among all of these positive changes, this blog is definitly one of the best things that happened. It reminds me constantly to pay attention to the beautiful things in life. 

And I definitely wouldn’t be able to restart this blog without my good friend, the talented woman behind the camera, Doris Chang. We both grow up doing art: drawing and sketching, now we both work in the financial industry; we feel the need for a creative outlet In our lives, and like I said, this blog provides us just that! I would like to thank Doris for making all the ideas happen, and I can’t stress enough how much I admire her talent for taking such great photos! (Trust me, she is a talent. You should just look at the photos I take and you will know how talented Doris really is!) So we arranged this photo shoot, dedicating it to our blog and our friendship! (Thanks to Jason for helping with this photoshoot! Check out his amazing food blog here !)

I hope you enjoy reading this little post, and you also find that little something that brings joy to your life. For us, our joy is this blog!



2 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. Doris

    Hey~~ this blog is about me!!! 🙂

    I m sincerely grateful to have you as my friend. I can always talk to you when I feel lost. Thank you for always being here for me.

    Im so lucky to have Lipstick and Briefcase as my creative outlet. I see a lot of potential in us and the blog. Let’s continue to grow and advance, in career, in life, and in Lipstick and Briefcase!



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