2 Days 1 night in Victoria, BC

Last week on the Easter long weekend, my husband and I went to Victoria for a “mini getaway”. We have been working without a vacation for so long, so we both agreed we should leave Vancouver for a change. With the Canadian dollar not being strong, we decided to stay in Canada. Victoria is the best choice, since it is close, and it always gets more sun than Raincouver. 

So if you would consider paying a visit to Victoria, keep reading, hopefully our trip can give you some useful information.

Friday: we took the 9am ferry (we always reserve our tickets online, so you can get on the ferry before it fills up.)

The ferry took 90mins. After getting off the ferry, our first stop was University of Victoria’s beautiful campus. Then we stopped at Oak Bay for lunch. It is such a cute neighbourhood and the people are super nice. 

 We drove to James bay after, and checked in at Fisher House. I absolutely recommend this bed & breakfast, Cal is such a nice host. He runs the Bn’B with his wife. Their establishment is conveniently located, right in the middle of downtown Victoria close to the waterfront. And they serve AMAZING breakfast!!!

We spent the afternoon at the waterfront. Definitly one of the highlights!

At night, we grabbed a drink at the Bard & Banker, a British pub. It officially has made our favorite pub list!

 We were lucky that we got a table at Nautical Nelly’s. A nice Seafood dinner is a perfect ending to the night.

Saturday: amazing breakfast at B&B.

We then visited the famous Munroe’s bookstore. 

Then Chinatown. Had good coffee! I kept seeing Serious Coffee’s (the cafe chain) everywhere, but didn’t end up having a cup of coffee there. A must try next time in Victoria. I need to know how ‘serious’ their coffee is!

We spent the afternoon driving around the southeastern part of the island. Just beautiful breathtaking views everywhere! We made the plan to go to Buchart Gardens and the Butterfly Gardens, but when we arrived at 4pm they both were closed. No big deal, since we both have been before. But if you plan to go to the gardens, learn from our lesson, go there at least by 2pm so you have enough time to see all the beautiful flowers.

Here it is, our super chill and relaxing Victoria weekend. Conclusion: Victoria is so nice we want to move there one day!

 Some pictures from this trip:



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