First post in 2016

I wanted to name this blog something different, something catchy, something…

Because this is the first post I write after having not blogged for a year. I want it to be special.

2015 was definitely a busy year for me, I grew in so many aspects: acquiring knowledge in my professional field, learning how to be an adult and how to present myself like one (still learning), and learning how to be a wife( I married my soulmate in August:) )! All the way along this busy busy year, there were challenges, and there was definitely more love and support.

I am hoping 2016 will be a great year, in blogging and everything else. It has been a very good start so far, I am so happy to have discovered the same interest with my very good friend, and we will be working together on Lipstickandbriefcase. A formal introduction is on the way.

Hope you enjoy this post, as sweaters are my favourite pieces in the winter wardrobe. I paired this comfortable, oversized sweater with boyfriend jeans and ankle boots, and tied a plaid shirt around my waist for more colour and better proportion.

See you in the next post!



8 thoughts on “First post in 2016

  1. Doris C

    2016 ~ another new year! Can’t believe a month has already past in this new year!
    May it be an awesome adventurous year for both of us ! Love you!

    Dammit hannah beats me here :*(



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