The Reunion

Office girls always have busy schedules. In my case, working and studying have been keeping me busy.

In my last post–’13 to 30′, I talked about how I wore my little black dress for my first night in Vegas. This Vegas trip meant a lot to me because it was also a reunion with one of my best friends, Hannah (she’s got beauty and brains; I love her so much!).

Day 2: we started our day with brunch at our hotel, ‘Paris Las Vegas’. During brunch, we talked about the time two years ago, when she invited me to crash on her couch so I could find a job in New York–(I didn’t end up going as I landed a job in Vancouver shortly after), and how much we have grown up since our last reunion. Time has flown by so quickly! The only thing that hasn’t changed is how easily we get along without trying, just like the old times–we laughed together so much. Even though the memories are fading slowly our friendship feels just as strong as ever.


DSCF33331DSCF33351DSCF33841 DSCF33891DSCF33491At night time, after watching the sensual cirque du soleil show, ‘Zumanity’, we went to Cosmopolitan for a drink. My feet were hurting from walking in heels, so I decided to wear my converse with this little white H&M dress (that’s right, LBD&LWD, you need both in your wardrobe). After all, feeling comfortable is as important as looking good, and I wanted to do both. I hope I pulled it off!





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